LED Desk Lamp Hack

Here you can see all the components used in the lamp. It originally used E14 small screw 40w incandescent bulb. And has been modified to use 8 bright white LEDs. The circuit is pretty simple. I’m using the innards of a 120V AC to 6V DC transformer in series with an 8.2 ohm resistor to power the LEDs. The […]

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Hack

I’ve been using this headset with my Xbox 360 for a while now. But I always found it so cumbersome to use by running an extension from the end of the cable up to where I hold my controller. So about 3 months ago I modified them to be the perfect Xbox headset. I realize […]

Cell Phone Li-ion battery tester

Li-ion Battery Tester While working at Macalegin Electronics I discovered that many times we need to verify the charge on a cell phone battery. We have a multimeter but is a little cumbersome to use especially when testing several batteries at once. So I had the opportunity of designing and building a Li-Ion Battery tester […]

Pinewood Derby – Propeller powered

A week ago my brother invited me to join him for an Anything Goes pinewood derby race. I have great memories of building these cars with my Dad and wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to relive those moments. First I designed my car in Sketch-Up, and then built the car from a standard derby kit. […]

Ruben fixes everything!

Let’s see…  I had an old dell which came to me used and with a few problems.  It was at its deathbed several times.  Ruben fixed the cd/dvd drive several times.  And showed me how to use different programs on my laptop.  He also helped me retrieve all of my files off that laptop when […]

My First Car

1980 Mercedes Benz 300D It was one of those cars that you buy from your parents because you don’t have any money. Since it was such an old car it is a collectors item. If only it was in mint condition I could have sold it, or traded it, for half the price of a new car. So […]