Let’s see…  I had an old dell which came to me used and with a few problems.  It was at its deathbed several times.  Ruben fixed the cd/dvd drive several times.  And showed me how to use different programs on my laptop.  He also helped me retrieve all of my files off that laptop when it finally died.  He fixed my roommate’s lamp and VCR.  Oh and he also was a most useful consultant when I was picking out a new computer.  Ruben works hard and always makes time to help those of us with less knowledge of electrical and technological things.  He’s really good at figuring out how to fix things he hasn’t actually worked with before.  Ruben is also really good at explaining what he’s doing in layman’s terms.  Thank you for everything, Ruben!  You’re awesome!!

~ Cassànndrè Sager

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